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How to negotiate a salary

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Everyday life requires us to use negotiation skills, whether it be throughout the process of buying a new car or planning a family holiday! It is these same skills required when negotiating job terms.

What is Negotiation?  Negotiation is a process of making arrangements and setting terms through discussion. In practice there are three phases of the salary negotiation:

1) Receiving the offer. No negotiation can take place unless and until an offer is made. Once an offer has been accepted, the negotiation ends. So, once you have received an offer, you’ll need time to evaluate the offer.

2) Planning your strategy.  You must plan what you would be willing to settle for if you cannot get what you will be asking for.  Try to for “win-win” alternatives that benefit both you and the potential employer.  Do not sell yourself short.

3) Conducting the negotiation.  Having planned your negotiation strategy, always remember to negotiate from a reasonable position. Playing “hardball” in salary negotiations may make you appear arrogant.

A successful negotiation will be one that has been well prepared for, one in which you are not afraid to ask for what you feel is warranted, but one that shows willingness to be flexible, while maintaining a positive and assertive attitude throughout.

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