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Why Managers Must Manage

Monday, August 12th, 2013

American county rock singer Sheryl Crow once sang “I think a change will do you good.”

For many companies change can come from entering new markets, to allow for rebranding or to keep up with the latest technologies.

But, often, change is an unfortunate by-product of external, unforeseen circumstances resulting in mergers, acquisitions and downsizing in order to survive.

The change process and/or having to make redundancies must be successfully managed. However, the reality is that only 10% of organisations actually give the human resource issues top priority during the change process.

The following advice will make the transition period and change management smoother:

  • Assessment of organisation and staffing needs: The skills sets of the existing workforce may not meet the organisation’s requirements going forward, so think about what areas of corporate knowledge/expertise need to be protected.
  • Establish a Communication Plan: Change creates uncertainty for employees, customers, and suppliers. A well-conceived, clear communication programme beginning in the early phases of any change event is one of the most effective ways to raise morale, as well as retain customers and key employees.
  • Train Manager:  Managers leading employees through transition have a critical role in the organisation’s success. They must generate employee participation and drive the change. Can managers use their knowledge of employee skills and goals to gain buy-in to the change?
  • Provide Employee Support: Recognise that some people will never make the transition and may be targeted for dismissal. Provide career transition support and assistance to employees who are losing their jobs to minimise the trauma, both to those dismissed and to the organisation’s workforce, image, and focus.

With carefully planned and managed transition strategies, change events can lead to an adaptable, productive, and responsive organisation that is successful now and in the future.

Indeed, reinforcing what Sheryl said, a change can be good.

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