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Why the recruitment process is actually more than the job application and the interview

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

An independent report published on Friday (4th October) found that the way in which the UK’s very first youth police and crime commissioner was recruited was “robust, transparent and well run”.

You’ll remember that 16-year-old Paris Brown was appointed to the high profile role in Kent in April, but quit in a blaze of criticism over comments (considered racist and homophobic) she had made on Twitter prior to taking up the role.

Kent’s police and crime commissioner argued that the force had not asked for social network vetting to be carried out, and the new report last week found that the entire recruitment process was, indeed, vigorous.

It comes as employers are, increasingly, looking at job candidates’ personal lives in order to help them make their important employment decision, such as their online presence, or contacting referees, not simply to find out if the candidate can “do the job” but to read between the lines of submitted CVs.

So what do potential employers look for outside of the application and job interview? I would suggest the following:

  • CV distortion. It is estimated that some 50 percent of all CV’s contain deliberate distortions, such as qualifications never completed. One detected misstatement can disqualify you, so do not be dishonest or stretch the truth.
  • Legal protection. Employing an employee who turns out to have a violent history, criminal background, serious credit problems, or other problems that may cause harm or distress to colleagues or customers may turn out to be much more than simply a bad appointment.
  • Psychological fit. To assess whether the person will “fit” into the organisation requires great skill, and often cannot be weighed up during a job interview. Employers want to know about your attitude and work ethic in previous roles.
  • Social networking. The growth of Facebook, Twitter and blogging means that is very easy for employers to have an impression of you from your posts and photographs before you even step through the door for an interview.
  • Chance to check the grapevine. The business world in Northern Ireland is indeed small. The business-to-business grapevine is an efficient provider of information.

The recruitment process is becoming ever more difficult as competition for jobs increases so make sure your personal life or attitude in previous roles doesn’t affect your current job search.

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