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I hate the Haka

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

There was huge disappointment at the weekend as a last minute try denied Ireland their first ever victory over New Zealand despite the All Blacks being down 22-7 at half time.

A gripping game of rugby and one where motivation was evident throughout.

Ireland were motivated to clinch their first ever victory over the Kiwis, while New Zealand were motivated to come back and get their 14th consecutive victory this year and round off the perfect season.

Perhaps Cain Healy’s comments on Friday that he “hated the Haka” was motivation enough for the visitors. Perhaps the Haka has become a motivation to the opposition and it helps them to “psych up”.

It’s important to have that ambition, drive and determination throughout your own working career so that you too are determined to achieve professional goals and aid future job opportunities. But how can you motivate yourself and maintain passion throughout your career?

  • Find a mentor. Build a relationship with someone you feel can help you to grow, develop new skills and provide an objective sounding board. Gaining the support and perspective of an experienced executive, either informally or through a structured programme, can provide substantial benefits for career development.
  • Concentrate on getting results. Focus on getting results that mean something within your company and make sure that key decision makers are aware of your contributions.
  • Record your achievements. Periodically review your work successes. Record targets you were set, and met, as many people don’t do this and then forget them at vital interviews.
  • Set personal objectives: As well as professional targets, it is worthwhile to set yourself individual learning and performance goals. Once achieved, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and drive.
  • Join a professional association. One of the best ways to develop new networking contacts in your industry is to join an industry association. They also offer important professional development opportunities such as courses and workshops which are an excellent way to gain experience and insight into your industry and sector.

It was a hard-fought game on Sunday with hearts broken at the end, but the passion and determination to succeed was evident, and we can all take something away from the boys in green.

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