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When over-qualified can become a hindrance…

Monday, March 10th, 2014

You spent years getting an Undergraduate degree, Masters Degree, PhD and a host of Professional Qualifications.

So, why apply to be the intern?

DiplomaOk, it’s an extreme example, but research released by the CIPD last week tells us that 30% of people are, in fact, overqualified for their job.

That’s nearly one third of all UK workers.

The CIPD concluded that too many people’s skills are being under-utilised in the economy which is a “major factor in the UK’s poor productivity levels.”

So, why do people continue to apply for positions for which they have too many qualifications, experience and skills?

Is it a sign of “I’ll do anything” in this economy?

You might think that employers like to have someone with lots of titles after their names, but there a number of reasons why they could often see being overqualified as a bad thing.

  • Will they be bored? Bosses believe there is a chance that the employee might not feel stimulated and will be uninterested in the less taxing responsibilities.
  • Will they leave? If employees really are taking the “I’ll do anything” approach, won’t they simply leave if a seemingly better job comes along?
  • Will they feel threatened? Will it be difficult for the employee to work under managers who are perhaps less qualified and have less experience than themselves?
  • Will they expect high wages? With many qualifications and skills, obviously comes higher pay expectations- perhaps much more than the firm had originally intended.

Don’t expect it will be easy to get any job just because you have many qualifications.

In some cases it could be a turn off.

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