Gilpin ESD

Executive Recruitment | Belfast | Northern Ireland


We source candidates, creating quality competitions for client vacancies

  • The best people are not always looking for a job. We “invite” them to apply
  • The best candidates compete for clients’ vacancies and don’t just respond to an advert
  • We offer a fully professional, headhunting service
  • Our extensive network is well-established. We have up-to-date intelligence on the best people and the industries in which they operate, so we can work proactively to recruit the best people, not only when a vacancy arises
  • At senior level, executives expect to be selected through an executive search and selection company, which affords a professional and confidential image
  • The client company can be presented to candidates from the outset in a manner that clearly and positively represents the client and sells the opportunity to candidates in person
We give confidence to clients that they have selected the best candidate available to meet their needs
  • The cost of getting it wrong can be extremely expensive. Experts ensure that best practice is employed at all times
  • Clients save time short listing and interviewing, and are presented only with the best candidates for the position
  • We often already know the background and companies of candidates and if we don’t, we find out
  • We have a developed network of referees and due diligence measures in place to corroborate candidates’ claims.