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Are cover letters still relevant to today’s job search ?

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

I’m not sure if this is genuine but one of the most bizarre cover letters doing the rounds on Goggle at the moment reads as follows:
“ I refer to the recent death of the Technical Manager at your company and hereby apply for the replacement of the deceased Manager.
“Each time I apply for a job, I get a reply that there’s no vacancy but in this case I have caught you red-handed and you have no excuse…”

While this might be one way to get noticed, it’s not a Gilpin recommended cover letter format.

Indeed, cover letters are extremely important in the recruitment process but often get overlooked. Most candidates seem to use them as a means to simply say they are attaching their application and not what they will bring in terms of skills, expertise and experience.

To write a successful letter, be sure you’ve covered the following items before sending it to a potential employer: (more…)