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Search and Selection of an MP. Round pegs for a square hole?

Friday, April 30th, 2010

In between the Political bickering it is good to know that the Politicians at least actually haven’t missed the number one issue facing our country. At the doors, on the streets and in the media the Politicians all talk about the economy, the need to grow the private sector and the need to reduce the dependency on the public sector in Northern Ireland.

People in business are at least pleased to hear that the economy, business, job and wealth creation is the priority for our Politicians in NI.

At Gilpin we daily assess people’s experience and achievements with a view to predicting future performance and success in a given role. So it seems natural to have a look at the frontrunners’ CV’s for the 18 constituencies across Northern Ireland and look at their past experience for the jobs they are effectively applying for.

The career histories over the last (approx.) 20 years of the favourites demonstrates little or no experience of business which, according to them after all, is the number one priority matter in Northern Ireland. In some constituencies the outcome is almost a forgone conclusion, but here is how the realistic favourites line up: (more…)