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How to communicate redundancy news to staff

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

The recent labour market figures for Northern Ireland confirmed that 118 redundancies were notified in August 2013, taking the total number of proposed cut backs to 1,416 since the start of this year.

Having to let staff go is extremely difficult and can often cause high anxiety and low morale amongst employees.

Whilst the job market is becoming more buoyant and hopefully less redundancies will (more…)

When interviewees become the interviewer

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

You’ve reached the end of a job interview having previously thought about every possible question the company could ask you, when you are faced with one you maybe didn’t contemplate- “Have you anything to ask me?”

For many, the natural reaction is to nod, smile and say: “No, I think that’s everything.”

People don’t want to ask about salary, hours of employment, extra benefits, for example, for fear of coming across as too pushy and instead, they try to wrap the interview up quickly.

But there are many reasons why asking questions is important, not least the fact that you need to fully understand what the position entails before accepting any potential offer.

The following questions will help you know more about the job and, indeed, the company: (more…)

Vision and Values

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Many organisations which claim to base their business practices on value systems actually don’t do so.  Any organisation’s vision and mission statement which are not grounded on core values are empty words.  Individuals also need to be able to incorporate a value set into their working environment, and a value set can be clearly articulated to provide a harmonious working environment.