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Support the GROW NI Campaign

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Gilpin consultants attended today’s launch of the GROW NI campaign in the Lyric Theatre in Belfast and we are pleased to support this worthy lobbying group’s endeavours to have the ability to vary and reduce the Corporation Tax rate in NI.

At this morning’s event the GROW NI representative Eamon Donaghy said, “Today is not about the detail of implementing a reduced rate of corporation tax. That debate can take place, and indeed should take place, once the Assembly has the power to vary the corporation tax rate. Today and the next four weeks are about achieving the ability to vary the rate, then we can have the detailed debate about rates and timescale.”

The GROW NI campaign is widely supported and involves a comprehensive range of business organisations and deserves congratulations on achieving an historical and unprecedented amalgamation of support organisations and private companies.  It is clear that there are potential benefits to the economy in NI of reducing CT with some saying it could lead to up to 90,000 new sustainable and well-paid jobs over the next 20 years. (more…)