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Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Feedback, Appraisal, Evaluation…

That time of the year when we get advice on our personal goals, expertise and performance.

Feedback, for some, can be difficult to hear and many take it as a personal attack. But it isn’t – and can be an extremely useful business tool.

It can be used to enhance your career, and the more you seek, the more you will learn, grow and even succeed.

I have this key advice for those facing upcoming evaluation :

  • Welcome feedback, positive and negative. Accept it in the spirit it is given, even though it may hurt your feelings.
  • Understand that everyone has a right to his or her impressions or feelings about you as a person, as well as how you behave and how you communicate with others.
  • Be open to changing if you hear something particularly meaningful that could alter your thinking on a potential career move.
  • Avoid getting defensive by trying to justify your position on anything negative, as the worst thing you can do is to start arguing and end up with a damaged relationship.

Remember it is both positive and negative feedback that can increase your learning, insight, and professional competence – and put you well on the road to success.

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