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Great leaders don’t seek to be great

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Abraham Lincoln once said: “Whatever you are, be a good one.”  It’s true that in times of austerity we need successful leaders, but what exactly makes a leader successful?

If you aspire to be a great leader then you will need to:

1. Put the needs of others first: Be observant of the challenges and setbacks others are experiencing and find ways to lighten their load, even if they don’t ask

2. Help others to win: You will need to be prepared to let others take the credit. Accept blame and be reluctant to blame others

3. Over, not under communicate: Spend time with your peers, admit when you need help, and be open to correction and advice

4. Take things less personally: It’s not all about you. Think less about yourself, otherwise you will lose perspective.

5. Give it all you have got: You will need to lead by example and not expect others to do what you would not be prepared to do yourself

Remember, great leaders don’t run from confrontation; they talk about their own mistakes and acknowledge them.

They also encourage the smallest improvements in individual and team performances.

Finally, successful leaders do what’s right rather than what’s popular and convenient.

Indeed, great leaders don’t seek to be great.

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