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What to do if you receive a job offer on the spot

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

When Jose Mourinho was asked last week if Chelsea had made any other bids for players except for Wayne Rooney in the summer transfer, his answer was: “No- and we won’t.”

The Chelsea boss was effectively handing Rooney the job on a plate and indeed, “We want you in our team” are the words any jobseeker wishes to hear.

But what if you are offered the position there and then, upfront at the very end of the interview, just like the Manchester United star?

A new job may have been your objective but you still need to temper your enthusiasm with caution and objectivity.

  • Why do I really want this position?

This is where you need to be strictly honest with yourself.  The reasons should not be because you are simply avoiding unemployment, the salary is a bit better or it is located slightly closer to home.

  • How will this position affect my personal life?

Are the hours too long?  Is there too much travel?  Will relocation be required?  These questions may appear to be of secondary importance to a lucrative contract, but six months into the position they may become the primary reason for seeking another job.

  • Will this position be an advantage on my CV in the future?

You need to be certain that the roles and responsibilities fit with your career plan.   Any job change in the near future resulting from jumping too quickly will not look good on your CV.

  • Is the reward package sufficient?

Be sure to fully understand what the total package is.  Ask about the availability of other benefits that are of importance to you e.g. healthcare for your family, life assurance or pensions.

Most people will need time to think about the offer in more detail, so hold off on signing that contract before you have thought it through completely.

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