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Five ways to differentiate yourself at interviews

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Northern Ireland’s very own Leah Totton was recently crowned the winner of BBC’s The Apprentice after weeks of gruelling tasks and boardroom interviews.

While the programme is effectively a reality TV show, ultimately the prize is a lucrative job contract with Lord Alan Sugar.

The most difficult part of the series is, without a doubt, the job interview process where the remaining candidates are put under scrutiny by Lord Sugar’s four right-hand men and women- and it’s often tough to watch as the contestants founder.

It’s the same with job seekers “in the real world.”

You have sorted your referees, updated your CV and filled out the application form, but the job interview is ultimately the toughest part.

That half an hour to convince prospective employers that you are the most suitable choice for the position they are trying to fill.

But how are you the most suitable? After all, isn’t everyone “dedicated”, “enthusiastic” and “works well in a team”?

Here are five ways you can differentiate yourself from other job applicants:

  1. Ask questions that show that you are sensitive to the interrelationship of various parts of the business: Inquire about the relationship with functions like Human Resources or Information Technology.
  2. Prove you have the ability to research an industry: Provide examples of your study into the prospective employer’s economic climate and market opportunities.
  3. Describe how you might bring added value: Describe ideas or proven practices that you think apply to the company’s current situation.
  4. Communicate that you have additional skills: These could be extremely valuable—for example, special projects or feasibility studies.
  5. Show how your strengths and aspirations align with the company’s goals: Draw on your research into the company or specific elements of its mission statement or business plan.

Go that extra mile, just as Leah did, so that prospective employers remember you and say to the other candidates, “You’re Fired!”

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