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When interviewees become the interviewer

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

You’ve reached the end of a job interview having previously thought about every possible question the company could ask you, when you are faced with one you maybe didn’t contemplate- “Have you anything to ask me?”

For many, the natural reaction is to nod, smile and say: “No, I think that’s everything.”

People don’t want to ask about salary, hours of employment, extra benefits, for example, for fear of coming across as too pushy and instead, they try to wrap the interview up quickly.

But there are many reasons why asking questions is important, not least the fact that you need to fully understand what the position entails before accepting any potential offer.

The following questions will help you know more about the job and, indeed, the company:

  • What kind of work will I be responsible for?: You’ve seen the job title and a brief job specification, but that was a short, tailored description of the vacancy. Now is the time to ask about the responsibilities and goals of the position so you can see if you are suited for the role.
  • Can you describe a typical day? Here, you will learn exactly what is expected of you. This will ultimately include the hours of employment and whether you are expected to work evenings and weekends, without you having to ask outright.
  • What is the most important attribute or quality you would like to see in me? It is important to understand what specific skills the company is looking for, and in due course, the attributes needed to excel further within the firm.
  • What is the next step? Do you know when you will hear back from the company? Will they contact you either way or only if you are successful? Do you need to be available for a second interview etc? All these questions are information you need to know- so ask them.

Employers like to see that you are interested in the company- so don’t shrug and breathe and sigh of relief that the interview is over.

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