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Fifty shades of research

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

You can’t have escaped hearing about the phenomenon that is ‘Fifty shades of grey’ over the past year, but interest is set to grow still as news on the film adaptation emerges.

I’m not one to normally comment on such a salacious novel, but it was interesting to read that the lead actor, announced just a few weeks ago, has now quit before the director could even shout, “Silence Please…and action!”

News reports are suggesting that Charlie Hunman decided to resign after scrutinising the script in detail and making his own suggestions and amendments, which angered bosses and were, evidentially, denied.

It’s been a costly move for the film makers and reiterates the fact that, before starting any job, it’s essential to read up on the company, its ethos, and of course, the role itself, as making the wrong career move can be very detrimental and disruptive.

Clarifying your fit within the corporate culture of a prospective employer should be one of your top priorities during the interview process.

I suggest you complete the following so that you get a better feel for future realities:

  • Ask questions about the company such as its history, current activities, awards and future plans.
  • Enquire about the ‘average day’ for someone in the company to understand exactly what is expected.
  • Request company publications, such as employee newsletters or ezines. Do not rely solely on public reports like the annual report and financial summaries.
  • Be particularly inquisitive about the company’s competitive position and its vulnerabilities.
  • If possible, try to meet with future peers and associates informally, perhaps over lunch, as this will give you a better feel for how they perceive management.

Charlie Hunman’s decision has now put the movie into disarray as bosses race to find a new lead, and it certainly will put a sour taste in the mouths of his future employers.

Make sure you conduct your own “50 shades of research” before accepting a job that mightn’t necessarily be the right one for you.

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