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The day we are more likely to consider moving jobs

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

We all get the Monday blues from time to time, but yesterday, more than any other day of the year, we were more likely to consider our current job roles.

‘Massive Monday’, as it’s dubbed, is the first Monday after the New Year and is considered the most depressing day of the year.

As such, people were supposedly more inclined to begin looking around for new jobs (and break up with their partners, but that’s another matter entirely.)

But submitting a job application and “hoping for the best” is not enough if you are genuine about a new job search this year.

You have to be proactive – which is made up of many different elements:

Get Organised: In today’s ever increasing competitive market, you need a solid plan on how you intend to pursue employment opportunities.  A shotgun ‘Massive Monday’ approach probably won’t work. Do not send out multiple applications, but instead, target specific companies after thorough research.

Go back to basics. You may have a CV ready and waiting on a memory stick that could be sent out immediately- but a perfect CV is essential. You only have minutes to convince the company whether or not to interview you, so make sure your CV and cover letters are up to date and flawless.

Distinguish yourself: Any applicant can say they are ‘hard working’ and can ‘work independently’. If you really want to get noticed amongst the many other ‘Massive Monday’ applications flooding companies’ inboxes yesterday, then take a good look at your experience, your skills and your achievements and find ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Maintain your momentum. If you are genuine about finding a new job this year, don’t give up if you aren’t successful at first or wait until Massive Monday in 2015. Make sure you establish a job search “discipline/routine” over the coming weeks and months.

You may have applied for jobs this week because you have a “New Year, New Me” attitude, but if you are serious about a new role in 2014, you will need to do more than fire out CVs on a whim.

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