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Why your staff are switching jobs- and how to avoid it

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Last week I remarked about how ‘Massive Monday’ (the first Monday of the new year) meant that people were more likely to start looking for a new job than any other day of the year.

Lack of job satisfaction and an increased salary elsewhere are often cited as two major reasons why employees decide to leave a company.

As such, for businesses here an important part of any manager’s role is to ensure that your staff want to remain in a position and are not driven to move simply for a few thousand pounds more per year.

In truth, it costs lest to invest in staff retention than staff recruitment.

So, how can you motivate your staff and avoid them looking around for other roles this year?

I suggest these small, but very effective, measures.

1. Keep them in the loop: Staff need to feel that they are “in on things”. Tell them what’s going on with the company, preferably as it happens. Make it one of your priorities to keep them fully informed as change occurs and then ask them for their support. Leaving employees to speculate will create an uncertain and dubious environment.
2. It’s good to talk: You need to ask staff how they are doing, what’s going well and what they think could be done better. But listen to what they say, and if you say you will follow up on something, then make sure you do.
3. Recognise and reward: Most employees will be prepared to do that bit extra as it gives them a sense of responsibility and pride. But you must recognise those who go the extra mile as they will feel good if you express your appreciation openly.
4. Share good news: If you receive “thank you” letters or positive feedback, especially from customers that mention staff by name, tell them. Staff are motivated when they know their work is being appreciated.  If there is a staff notice board or internal newsletter, then post the note for all to see.
5. Do not share bad news: Equally, if you receive a letter of complaint or negative feedback, it is vital that you never berate staff members in front of colleagues. Handle this in private and try to salvage something from the situation.

While we may be somewhat accustomed to no longer having “jobs for life”, employees moving roles every few years, is bad for business.

Take small steps to ensure you encourage and motivate your employees to remain in the company – and not switch to your rivals simply for financial gain.

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