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Are you employable? Answer these questions

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

There’s certainly some positivity about as Markit Economic’s latest survey on household finances found that fears over job security fell to a record low in January.

It certainly reflects the recent drop in employment across the UK.

But, let’s not be complacent.

Things like mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring, even in a strong economy, mean that career success is not necessarily 100% fail proof.

That is, unless you’re in control of it.

But, what can you do to ensure your “employability”? How about asking yourself the following, important questions?

Do you know what you contribute? Consider what establishes you as effective and reliable. Is it solving problems? Or maintaining high levels of productivity? Measure your contribution.

If your job was open, would you get it? Know your value in your current company. Ensure you monitor your accomplishments – and record them.

What would you do if your job disappeared tomorrow? Understanding your industry’s trends will help you position yourself for future opportunities. Join industry groups and professional organisations so that you continually develop strong working relationships.

Are you learning? Anticipate your organisation’s future needs. And then increase your skill base by taking advantage of any learning opportunities that come your way.

Do the key players in your organisation know who you are? By keeping track of your accomplishments, you will create professional visibility for yourself. This is a key strategy for successful career management.

While it seems job fears are somewhat residing, unfortunately companies can no longer guarantee you career security. It will take some time for the tide to change.

But by starting to seriously look at career planning and management, you can begin to prepare yourself for the uncertainties of today’s working world.

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