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Could a career move be your best move?

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

ID-10076178Whether it’s Bruce Forsyth announcing his resignation from Strictly Come Dancing, or Steve Ballmer relinquishing his title as Microsoft CEO leaving a very mixed legacy, deciding to move to another position elsewhere can be a daunting prospect and requires careful consideration.

However, answering the following questions truthfully can make the task much easier.

  • Have you reached your full potential? If you believe you have met all the goals you initially set out to achieve, have gained all the skills and no longer feel challenged by your work, progress to question two.
  • Do you feel valued? Appreciation and recognition are key to job satisfaction. Without them you may only be doing your job half-heartedly. In many cases, this can be resolved by simply making your managers and/or employers aware of the situation.
  • Is your job flexible? Perhaps your personal circumstances have changed and reduced hours are a desirable option moving forward. For some companies this simply may not be possible, but by telling your employer at the earliest opportunity you have a better chance of arrangements being made around you.
  • Is this really what you want to do? A change in career path is very common. List your new areas of interest and if you can identify a need for this activity within your company, take some time to discuss them with your employer.
  • Can you get a better offer? A higher wage offered by another company does not necessarily mean it is the best option. Look beyond perks such as pay and annual leave and consider the actual work you will tasked with and the environment you will be working in.

After announcing his resignation from Strictly Come Dancing, Bruce said:

“I was thinking about it during the last show. Is this the right time to leave? You’ve got to leave sometime.”

And he’s quite right, all of us have to move on at some stage but the key to happiness and success will be making the right move.

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