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Why change must be handled carefully in the PSNI

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Today’s newspapers were filled with speculation over who might replace Matt Baggott, after the PSNI Chief Constable announced he was to retire from the high profile role this year.

The publications examined potential candidates in turn and assessed whether they were the “right person for the job”.

Ultimately the change period is difficult for businesses and it will potentially take time for any new CEO or Director (including a Chief Constable, in this case) to make an impact and demonstrate why they are, indeed, the “right person for the job”.

With a new business leader comes new visions and preferences, and may mean that staff will be unsettled at first. Business performance may be affected as employees get used to the new way of thinking and working.

How can a company ensure then that change is successfully handled? Here are my ‘Four Cs’ for positive change management: (more…)

Why Managers Must Manage

Monday, August 12th, 2013

American county rock singer Sheryl Crow once sang “I think a change will do you good.”

For many companies change can come from entering new markets, to allow for rebranding or to keep up with the latest technologies.

But, often, change is an unfortunate by-product of external, unforeseen circumstances resulting in mergers, acquisitions and downsizing in order to survive.

The change process and/or having to make redundancies must be successfully managed. However, the reality is that only 10% of organisations actually give the human resource issues top priority during the change process.

The following advice will make the transition period and change management smoother: (more…)