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Roy Keane – a leader?

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Roy Keane. Two words which will immediately stir a variety of feelings with readers.

His recent television interview in which he didn’t hide his distaste for his old boss and arguably the greatest football manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson, may have been left you surprised, shocked or even amused.

Describing Ferguson’s greatest strength as his “ruthlessness” and his greatest weakness as “loyalty” seemed a little strange from Keane who played under the Scot for 12 years.

There’s no doubt Keane was a leader on the pitch. But his criticism of team mates, manager, coaching staff left many questions on whether he was the complete leader.

To be a good Leader you must first be able to lead yourself, and you will not be able to do this without self discipline.

A disciplined leader must possess: (more…)